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Bang Bang

16 October
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♥ I am Gracie
♥ I am 14 (almost 15)
♥ I go to FHS
♥ I am going to be a sophomore
♥ I dont have a boy friend cause i am just too hot to handle.
♥ I have curly blondish hair.
♥ I have blue green eyes.
♥ I am beautiful.
♥ I know like 8 html codes and im very proud.
♥ I wish i could say i dont care what u think, but i do.
♥ You wouldnt be reading this if you werent pondering adding me as a friend. so just do it
♥ im pretty funny
♥ i like good music
i have a myspace: www.myspace.com/thisxisatragedy

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